Newsletter of the Data Protection Authority

The Austrian data protection authority will publish the "Newsletter DSB" from January 2015 in German language. Anybody wishing to subscribe should send an e‑mail to the data protection authority.

The newsletter will be published quarterly as an electronic file in PDF format.

Information pursuant to Sect. 24 DSG 2000

The name and e‑mail-address of the subscribers shall be processed (stored and used for the purpose of sending) by the data protection authorityas a data controller (DVR: 0000027; the data application is covered by the Standard­anwendung SA030 "Öffentlichkeits­arbeit und Informations­tätigkeit durch öffentliche Funktions­träger und deren Geschäfts­apparate" pursuant to the Standard- und Muster-Verordnung 2004 (StMV 2004), Federal Law Gazette II No. 312/2004). No data on the transmission will be stored. The data of recipients who have unsubscribed will be deleted. The data is not disclosed to any third party. The data application for the purpose of delivering this newsletter (including the e‑mail-server software) is hosted by the Austria federal chancellery (acting as a service processor of the data protection authority).

Mailing List Administration

All recipients of the newsletter are kindly asked to inform us about any change in their e‑mail address as soon as possible in their own interest. The office of the Austrian data protection authority cannot accept any responsibility for proper delivery despite careful management of the mailing list. An error message (such as 'user unknown' or 'delivery failure') can get your address struck from the mailing list without further warning. You can, however, subscribe again instantly.